Our experiences with our clients have varied widely in scope, but all have involved elements of strategic planning, marketing insight and expertise , business development, and sales. NutriMarketing led efforts often include: Strategic and technology assessment, innovation, marketing plan development, tactical plan development, due diligence, commercialization, marketing communication and execution, business growth and new ingredient/product launch.


The following are a few examples of companies we have been privileged to work with.


Nippi Inc JAFRA Santal Solutions Dole Foods Kraft General Foods - Canada Lichtwer Pharma Traditional Medicinals Nordic Naturals Novozymes Sprunk - Jansen A/S Sun Chlorella Katra PhytoChem Binutra Draco Natural Products Vymedic Avesthagen Kan Herb Company Toyo BioPharma PhytoGreens Diana Group Avalon Renaissance Herbs Unistraw Guayaki